About Dr. Khanna

Dr. Garima Khanna is a licensed optometrist in Ontario, who earned her bachelor degree from University of Toronto and received her Doctor of Optometry from the Illinois college of Optometry in Chicago.

Dr. Khanna was trained via externships at University of Chicago for advanced ocular diseases, where her main interest was in diabetic and glaucoma eye disease. She also was trained in a VA hospital in Battle Creek and received extensive exposure to Geriatric population and age related eye diseases. She has worked in private practice previously, specializing in primary care optometry, including contact lenses, diabetic eye exams and primary eye care and pre and post operative surgical co-management.

Dr. Khanna is affiliated with the American Optometric Association and is a member of College of Optometrist of Ontario.

Languages spoken: Doctor speaks Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi